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Magic Jack – Really Magic Piece of Technology

Magic Jack – Really Magic Piece of Technology

Today you can place free calls through the use of USB device called Magic Jack. This is really a small sized device that may be plugged into your PC to make very economical as well as free international calls, regardless of where you are. Using VoIP technology to make free long distance calls is fairly popular due to superior voice quality plus an excellent value for your money.

Magic Jack is sold with its own attributes just as with any other VoIP telephone. Voice mails, caller ids and so on. However, Magic Jack has a very distinctive, you do not need to install any software in your PC. It auto configures itself the instant you plug it on your COMPUTER. Nevertheless, you need to have a high speed internet connection for Magic Jack for correct functioning.

Using Magic Jack as stated above, you merely have to plug the unit to your own COMPUTER, and it starts configuring it. Once it is configured it upgrades the program to its latest version. You should fill a brief registration form to a get yourself a complimentary US number. Now you should connect your telephone to the USB dongle. It is possible for you to hear the dial tone nearly immediately. It is possible for you to make or receive calls from throughout the planet.

It works equally good with windows and apple OS. You could make free calls to USA and Canada by paying the first price of around $40 which entitles you for just one year of service. You should pay only $20 from next year onwards. It really is fairly affordable plus a fantastic value for money.

Advantages of Magic Jack

  • It is possible for you to take it wherever you go. It saves you a lot of cash on international calls while you are travelling.
  • Superior voice quality
  • Very economical and affordable for international calls. Calling US number is free no matter exactly where you are.
  • It may be utilized with any PC anywhere so long as there is a high speed internet connection.

Disadvantages of Magic Jack

  • The sound quality which will depend upon the speed of your broad band hence you might believe some time lag between speaking and hearing. The delay is significantly less than 1/2 second hence it is not an issue.
  • It does not work with dial up connections.
  • You should hold your COMPUTER on while making calls. It causes some irritation since you cannot ever know how frequently you had need to make a call.

I would recommend to buy Magic Jack if you travel  a lot and have a need of making phone calls, however there are many other alternatives out there, just do research and try all of them, and you will find the best solution for yourself!


About The Author

Mike Jefferson is a freelance writer, and editor of Televelocity Blog. He is a VoIP specialist who like sharing his knowledge on the field of telecommunication. Feel free to ask him any questions about internet communication and online technology.
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