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How to Make Calls For Free Over the Internet

How to Make Calls For Free Over the Internet

Due to the massive strides of technological advancements, we can achieve things today that only five years ago were considered fiction. One such a thing is making free call over the internet, but this isn’t entirely free as there are some limitations. A voice over internet protocol or VoIP is the technology that enables you to make free call through the internet. And there are quite a number of online companies offering this service.

Below is a list of companies and explanations on how to make free calls using the internet.


Skype is arguably the biggest provider of VoIP services. Using Skype you can skype_log-100010026-gallerymake total free calls, however, this is restricted on making calls since you can only ring only Skype subscribers. This service offers you other options, like a free video chat with fellow Skype users, as well. The upside is that signing up to become a Skype member is extremely easy and free, though you are charged for making regular calls to particular numbers.


Google Voice

Google voice is a favorite of most people and the best way to make free online calls. By installing Google talk browser plug-in, iGoggle, and your Gmail google-voice-voipaccount, you can make free online calls from your computer to phones and also free PC to PC calls. Goggle Voice offers lots of benefits that others in the field don’t, E.g. with your free Google voice number you can receive SMS messages and route incoming calls to your free Google voice number to any other number, at no cost. You can also make conferences calls and receive voice mails for free.

The catch of all these offers is that you can only make these calls to numbers in Canada or the U.S.A.

All free calls with Google Voice are currently limited to three hours, after which you can redial the same number for as long as is needed. Google Voices also has apps that work with all browser types and this app can be used by BlackBerry, iPhone and Android users.


Using the iCall free software you can make free internet calls from PC to phone. icall_logo_800Calls on iCall are can be made from anywhere with an internet connection, but calls are only free for the United States and Canada. Also, free calls last for only a duration of five minutes and afterwards you have the option of redialing immediately for as many times as its needed. You will also hear short adverts of about 10 seconds, just before you calls go through.

Available as a free app for Mac, Windows and IPhones if you don’t want the software installed on your PC you can use their web site, though calls last for only three minutes here. In order to get total access to iCall you will have to be a paid subscriber.


You can make free calls on the internet to phones, directly from the EvaPhone web site for a short duration. What gives EvaPhone is edge is that, you can make calls to anywhere in the entire world and at no cost. Depending on your call destination, free calls may range from a minute to ten seconds, and you can only make a maximum of two calls per day. EvaPhone is incredibly convenient for times when you need to make quick calls and can’t do that with your phone, you also don’t need to wait for software to download, its fast, free and short.


This desktop software allows you to make free phone calls anywhere in North America. It is really great deal for travelers since it use only the internet connection to make calls. The quality of sound is one big advantages of this software, you will get really brilliant sound quality no matter where you make calls whether it landlines or cellphone lines. Remember KNCTR is absolutely free software that will help contact you with your love one for no cost at all!

Everyone ought to use the internet to ease our lives, which is its main purpose, so embrace the internet and all its possibilities. Hook up your head set and begin talking today.


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Mike Jefferson is a freelance writer, and editor of Televelocity Blog. He is a VoIP specialist who like sharing his knowledge on the field of telecommunication. Feel free to ask him any questions about internet communication and online technology.
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