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Calling Online- Now Simple and Cheap

Calling Online- Now Simple and Cheap

Making free calls from PC was not the concept few decades back, it has recently propped up. Communication has come to a level where talking is not a distant dream. Today world has become a global village which not only has erased the many boundaries but even made people understand the importance of communication. There are various types of mediated communication like the offline and the online process. The process of mediated communication has many elements like internet, TV, radio. Online medium which involves internet use is the realistic media connecting one corner of the globe to another, perhaps more common.

There are various attributes of the internet and many sources which allow people in making national and international calls. Today making these calls are not at all difficult rather involves simple technique and process. There are a few basic steps mentioned below on making Free Calls from PC:

Step 1: You need to have a reliable internet connection which allows speedy communication on a domestic and international level.

Step 2: For having an internet connection, you need to have either the dongle which can be carried anywhere easily or the wired internet.

Step 3: Free Calls globally from the PC is now possible with the help of free websites which allow this facility but with certain terms and conditions.

Step 4: When you intend to start then an additional microphone should be present or the inbuilt phone facility should be installed, such that sound is clear at either end.

google-voice-voipGoogle Voice is considered to the ideal free phone calling service available from September 2011. The voice equality is superb in this which makes Google Voice acceptable. People can make free calls anywhere; free phone calls from PC (via the Gtalk browser plugin) and even free calls from PC to PC can be done just through Gtalk.

Google Voice now considered as an option rather than just a way to make free calls from internet. There is even an option for managing numbers with Google Voice. This in life of many can prove to be a wise route for incoming calls on free numbers provided by G Voice. There is free voice mail, conference call and SMS services available.

Free calling from PC is now even possible with iCall. This is another happening tool which people can use for making free calls from PC. This is simple to use software which allows this seamless global interconnectivity. People can call only to those numbers which are available in Canada or United States. Free calls only to certain numbers and for prescribed minutes are allowed. People cannot make phone calls which are free outside these regions as the network connectivity may not be available there.

EvaPhone is also helpful in making free calls from PC. This software will allow making free but quite short calls. People can make free phone calls to help of Flash-based option on the site. This application allows making free calls from PC across any region of the world. The unique feature of the software is that call length is though short but high quality, destination. The calls are just limited to only 2 each day.

Ideally today making free calls from PC is just a click away.


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Mike Jefferson is a freelance writer, and editor of Televelocity Blog. He is a VoIP specialist who like sharing his knowledge on the field of telecommunication. Feel free to ask him any questions about internet communication and online technology.
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