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5 VoIP Alternatives

5 VoIP Alternatives

voip-for-small-business-300x199You may by now be thinking of substituting your main landline with VoIP alternatives. VoIP services can do almost all things your traditional calling service offers and even more in this present day. You will get service plans that are unrivaled to what your phone company has to provide at a small fee. There are now VoIP alternatives providing anything from conference calling and voicemail to call forwarding, 411 directory assistance and call waiting services. Here are 5 VoIP alternatives for clear understanding.

1. Vonage

Vonage will offer you its reputable, easy to use and feature rich VoIP that has an excellent customer support, subsequent to signing an annual contract with them. As far back as 1999 when it began providing low-cost services to individuals and small businesses, Vonage was an early adopter to VoIP. Today, with just three-step needed to get started; it is one of the easiest VoIP services to set up. It provides the majority of the calling features that you will find supported by other service providers and extra features such as a virtual phone number, toll-free numbers and long distance services.

2. Skype

Skype is one of the most inexpensive VoIP alternatives on the internet. It is an excellent service if you are looking for cheap and unlimited minute subscriptions without having to worry about the basics, although it lacks some features like call return and being light on certain feature sets. Skype is usually ready to go once you install the software devoid of having to install any hardware. Also, Skype provides tablet and mobile applications that give the chance to connect with your normal phone without any hardware or phone adapter.


This is among the cheap VoIP alternatives with low monthly pricing like the setup fees for new users, it is with considerable feature set with a collection of service plans with diverse minute allotments and business plan extension. On the other hand, you will be able to choose a particular phone number and the area code with the alternative of keeping your existing number.

4. Lingo

Lingo provides international VoIP calling to more than 45 countries together with unlimited long-distance calling plans that offer it a top position in the far away VoIP services. For the reason that it offers unlimited calling all over the United States and other countries, it is most appropriate for residential. It permits you to use your present home line and links to your home network.

5. Net2Phone

Net2Phone provides many striking feature sets like all basics in addition to caller ID, speed dial, voicemail, unlimited calling and call waiting. What an affordable service for homeowners and small business alike. It is however, quite reasonably priced when you look at the fact that you just pay a monthly fee to gain unrestricted access to international calling. On the other hand, it is suitable for those who frequently make international calls and heavy users.

These 5 VoIP alternatives that come with an extra feature like Find me that permits you to forward a call to many phones have the power to transfer calls to another number without problem.

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